Dom Mazzetti vs. Why Comedy is Dead

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  • Garvinjeremiah
    6 months ago 0 REPS
    This might be the most important you have ever done
  • paulegon
    6 months ago 0 REPS
    This is the truth
  • The MixSWOLogist
    6 months ago 0 REPS
    Monkey Shoulder, not a bad whisky. Mixswologist approves.
  • the.vanimal
    6 months ago 1 REPS
    just send me to the glue factory already
  • 2tall4space
    6 months ago 1 REPS
    Instagram models think theyre comedians because dudes laugh thinking its gunna get the some hole
  • mmorris101
    6 months ago 0 REPS
    Glad I'm not the only one who confuses a rainstorm with a volcanic eruption
  • Santanajojo
    6 months ago 0 REPS
    Deep dark issues embedded in this one, but legit made me lol. Brilliant.
    • DomMazzetti
      6 months ago 1 REPS
      Deep Dark Issues is my favorite pornographic periodical.
  • Jescobar9513
    6 months ago 0 REPS
    Talking about that lele ponds whore aren’t you. Idk if this how you spell her name. I just hope she falls in front of a train
  • shiby
    6 months ago 1 REPS
    hahah, get your friend on to add comedy??

    Has anyone seen Bradley Martins channel? Sorry let me rephrase has anyone seen a Bradley Martin video that doesn't have Dom in it?
  • Johnson1515
    6 months ago 0 REPS
    Ya, I was just thinking about how dead the feed was Father Dom to the resurrection rescue 💪
  • C4EZ11
    6 months ago 0 REPS
    Fucking Genius! I would know I’m a comedian 😉
  • chrisfech7
    6 months ago 1 REPS
    Fucking PREACH