Bloopers/Outtakes: How to Prepare for Spring Break

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  • LKline18
    2 months ago 1 REPS
    Any word on if Brad has checked out Jabba's dick porn yet? Did he like it?
  • WelshPeople
    2 months ago 0 REPS
    I enjoyed this
  • thebigdicky
    3 months ago 0 REPS
    You're small. Noooooo
  • SkuxxMyster
    3 months ago 1 REPS
    Now Brad's going to start watching crab porn.
  • Jdonahue22
    3 months ago 1 REPS
    Be careful with what you say about crabs, dude... they'll fight your ass...
  • 2tall4space
    3 months ago 4 REPS
    “Do crabs have vaginas?” Is the most brad question
    • mmorris101
      3 months ago 1 REPS
      That's the only kind of vagina Brad's interested in sadly
    • LKline18
      2 months ago 1 REPS
      It's the only kind he fits into*
  • Johnson1515
    3 months ago 3 REPS
    I guess Dom listened to the people, new video nearly every week lets see how long thats for ;)