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How To Lift With Your Girlfriend

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    Bro Science #117: a totally non-sexist guide to working out with your girlfriend.
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  • slv
    6 days ago 1 REPS

  • Zechevalier
    2 weeks ago 1 REPS
    I think more people should get off Youtube and start making websites like this, Youtube sucks more and more every time it changes
  • tomkolos1024
    2 weeks ago 2 REPS
    Glad to support the site, and looking forward to new vids from TheBrofessor.
  • Jgunz97
    2 weeks ago 2 REPS
    Lost my shit when i heard about this website!!! 2 dollars is easy!!!
  • darktray
    2 weeks ago 0 REPS
    This site could possibly break the internet
  • DomMazzerratti
    2 weeks ago 0 REPS
    Dom aka The Swoley Ghost. Thanks for holding Mass on a "weekly" basis. $2 is well worth it
  • rovaz
    2 weeks ago 0 REPS
    I'm gonna ask the real question here: Who's the blonde?
  • Hugganbeast
    2 weeks ago 0 REPS
    Hey i just want to say i have whatching you for years bro and brad you guys allways motivate my to do school and workuots keep going
  • captain
    2 weeks ago 1 REPS
    I named my Dick the truth cus bitches can't handle it
  • Kmeister400
    2 weeks ago 0 REPS
    Great content bro, don’t stop
  • tbross9732
    2 weeks ago 0 REPS
    Love the new website and subscription. I'll toss you $2 a month for beer and dominos.
  • Santanajojo
    2 weeks ago 1 REPS
    Glad there is this way to support your work. I ain’t sexist but my chum bucket ain’t getting my password.
  • TommyThePower
    2 weeks ago 1 REPS
    Ok my fellow Bros and Hoes here we go
  • zadori
    2 weeks ago 1 REPS
    Dom we all knew you're not sexist!
    Now I have a list of things to do:
    1- Buy Crystal Light
    2- Get a girlfriend
    3- Maker her sniff the Crystal Light for an amazing pump
    • DomMazzetti
      2 weeks ago 1 REPS
      Chivalry lives! Go forth young pussy lord.
  • Dentonscott
    2 weeks ago 2 REPS
    Dom your so charitable, letting the much smaller and weaker Bradley martyn, in your videos let alone your gym. I could have sworn why you gifted a dose of broscience to those females, brad was in the corner watching..... with his wizard hat
  • rosenpin
    2 weeks ago 4 REPS
    Thanks man! Great tutorial, now I can safely go to the gym with my gir...
    oh right
    • DomMazzetti
      2 weeks ago 1 REPS
      Probably better off tbh
    • rosenpin
      2 weeks ago 0 REPS
      Who needs chicks when you've got gains?
      It's arms day today, I'm living the fucking dream
  • Robertsays
    2 weeks ago 3 REPS
  • Gconwell88
    2 weeks ago 1 REPS
    Guy's the best
  • Fnieves28
    2 weeks ago 1 REPS
    Hey Dom! Thank you for learning my ass on BroScience all these years. You inspired me to start lifting and I hope to be as big as you someday. Keep up the great work!
    • DomMazzetti
      2 weeks ago 2 REPS
      You won't be, but second biggest dude in the world ain't bad. Thanks for your broship.
  • IvoTurbo
    2 weeks ago 0 REPS
    you know, content is kind of a big deal xD
  • Mothergooch
    2 weeks ago 2 REPS
    A thing of beauty this

  • salomondrin
    2 weeks ago 1 REPS
    I already masturbated, ready to watch this
  • Valleheredia
    2 weeks ago 2 REPS
    For example, use Crystal Light instead. It's basically pre-workout for girls. It's pink and tastes fun.
  • geeks
    2 weeks ago 1 REPS
    Nice work dude. Keep it going ;)
  • Johnnyriccabona
    2 weeks ago 2 REPS
    Gain mass, eat ass. #DomForPresident
  • Jescobar9513
    2 weeks ago 1 REPS
    How do I demonetize this?
    • DomMazzetti
      2 weeks ago 3 REPS
      By creating new accounts and signing up for multiple pro memberships.
  • ronavarro
    2 weeks ago 2 REPS
    hahaha this is awesome!!