Ask The Brofessor 19: Coming Out About Test, ConDOMS, Net Neutrality

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  • samt93
    6 months ago 3 REPS
    Love the Four Loko ref, back to the first appearance of Dom AKA the Broffesor. I can actually feel myself getting bigger listening to this man... but like, with gains, not in a weird way
    • DomMazzetti
      5 months ago 1 REPS
      No doubt. Four Loko gets better with age
  • petergrisenti
    6 months ago 1 REPS
    where do you find the reps code?
  • imchicken1
    7 months ago 3 REPS
    Love it! Thanks for doing another.
  • Santanajojo
    7 months ago 2 REPS
    Dom, my friend looked at my legs and suggested I start training them twice a week. This got me thinking, if I skip legs twice a week, I’ll have more time for chest and arms. Thoughts?
    • DomMazzetti
      5 months ago 3 REPS
      You're smart. I skip legs 7 days a week.
  • tbross9732
    7 months ago 1 REPS
    I love the frequency of videos. Can we get Dom vs. Credit Score? lol
  • Mothergooch
    7 months ago 3 REPS
    The frequency of these videos EASILY makes the price of admission worth it. I mean, fuckin obviously.

    • DomMazzetti
      5 months ago 0 REPS
      Much appreciated brotha. Much more to come.
  • 2tall4space
    7 months ago 0 REPS
    We need a Gym Buddy Problems part 2
  • TommyThePower
    7 months ago 4 REPS
    A new video by DOM dam Swoly Christmas came early this year