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Best winter break/Christmas story gets a free shirt.

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    The new BSL ChristMASS sweater is here. Grab one from www.DomMerch.com and comment your most savage holiday tales. The story that gets the most reps will be featured and will get a free shirt!

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  • JayWigz23
    7 months ago 0 REPS
    It was the year 2016, I had just started lifting and I was eager for gains, I made progress slowly, and eventually got the attention of some females, This is when shit hit the fan... I had saved a good amount of money since then and decided to buy my family something nice, that's when "she" showed up in my life. An adorable girl who found me attractive we proceeded to talk and hang out for a couple of months and things were really looking good, then we hit Christmas and wants shitty from me, I said no we broke up. I went to a strip club and used money there. A win from my perspective. Im a fuckboy, in it to stick my dick in it.

  • Robertsays
    7 months ago 2 REPS
    Winter formal my senior year. Accidentally came up on two dates, both hot. Day of formal, after classes, some college girl started talking to saying I should party with her that night. She was hot and in college. So what'd I do? Said fuck formal, went to that college party, and stuck my bone in some college snatch. Never looked back.
  • blake_srail
    7 months ago 1 REPS
    went to my girlfriends house on christmas eve and her whole family was there, it was actually a lot of fun. On christmas day she goes to this guys house. Keep in mind were only 16... And then she tells me that shes there and im like nah.. its over.. best breakup ever done on christmas day. So good. Now im happily single and enjoying it af
  • Dombbelldore
    7 months ago 0 REPS
    Once upon a time, I'm HUGE. THE END.
  • Norcalitalian89
    7 months ago 4 REPS
    The story begins with a boner inducing text from my main boyo. As sloots would call their BFF. The night Xmas eve, I was at my parents house recovering from a epic chest workout, eating my parents food. And my phone lit up with a text reading “get your v neck on phaggot Uber is 15 min out.” Luckily I had already showered, and had gotten a haircut that day for the next days family affairs. In laymen’s terms It was time to get yucky. Curiously the bars were empty, reaching the 1am hour, I was ready to leave. No prospects what’s so ever. As we walked away from the bar my friend called a Uber for himself, I however was hungry so wanted to grab a Chicago dog. As I stood there waiting for my dog. Remember this is Christmas Eve do you believe in Christmas miracles? Out of the blue a 8.638/10 brounette possibly Italian but looked Latina come stumbling around the corner. Her pack of friends were piling into a taxi. Their primitive vocalization sounding like a dying horse pleaded with her to get in the taxi. My dink grew exponentially at this sight, as she neared the hotdog cart she stops, and mumbles something that sounded like “hey your that gym guy”. Instantly my hunger for hotdog had left and my dick was now in full control. I glance at the cab full of ugly sluts then I glance at her. My hotdog was ready, to my amazement it was the girl that I stare at in the gym but never really talk to. She was fumbling to find money in her purse. The taxi cab honks, I’m sweating. My ten second window was closing, faster than the red tube windows on my computer when my mom walks by. The man behind me says he your hotdog. It all clicked I simultaneously grabbed the hot dog with one hand. Gave it to gym bish stepped aside blocking her whore friends from view. With my other free hand I threw a thumbs up to the cab signaling she was in good hands, but I knew this wasn’t enough so I hugged the gym bish. To re assure the pack that their girl was safe but was about to get stuffed harder than the thanksgiving turkey at my moms that I ate all the dark meat from. The gym girl was surprised wet and a bit unsure all at once. So I quickly said I’ve got a Uber on the way I’ll get you home safe. We began to talk watching her shove that hot dog down her throat was the only thing I could pay attention too. I never wanted this to end my Uber was 17 min away when we started the conversation he was 3 min out fukin canceled that shit. Fast forward we’re in a Uber both sitting in the back seat (nice) she asks we’re I live and who should be dropped off first. Coming to the realization that the night could end with me alone I lied and made sure going to her house was practical. Then I made up some bullshit about loosing my keys and my roommate was out of town. Got the invite! Her roommate was also out of town. We stumble into her apartment. Turns out it’s a one bedroom two bitches two beds. She says I can sleep on the roommates bed. Gotta think quick then it hits me. Ask for a big glass of water and I purposely spill that shit. “Uh oh the bed is all wet” she was like omg you can sleep with me back to back if you don’t care. See the grand slam in my future, Trump wall number two how do I hop over the next hurdle “tryna get naked” I’m like hey bish these are 100$ buffalo jeans not that cheap Costco shit the David bittons. You got some sweats I can wear(already New the answer) no. Bottom of 9th she’s about to pass out we’re both in bed I’m in my CK boxer briefs she’s in some booty shorts (dat ass nomsayin) So I go with old glory was like hey is it cool if I put my arm under your head because I like sleeping on my back. She agrees bases are loaded. Drop the your everything I thought I didn’t want in a girl. She turns her head laughing we start making out. I violently grab her by the hips sit her up. We’re grinding I can feel the pre cum burning a hole in my underware. So I flip her on her back start kissing down her stomach. She’s about to pitch a fast ball over the plate. Boom I was nose deep in that funbox but then I hit her with the special play started touching dat azz. Bases are loaded made her cuume like 3 times. I got a derick jeter unicorn horn going. Boom Home run hit dem stadium walls. Raw dogged it obvi. Anything over a 8 I figure if she gets pregnant we get married , she gives me aids we get married she was a brounette so my mother would approve. Next morning my phone is going off like a amber alert , it was my mom wondering were I was. Put a Santa hat on that hoe. Wrote my number on her mirror with lipstick. Still don’t talk to her at the gym.
    • DomMazzetti
      6 months ago 0 REPS
      Congrats you have done it. You have wrote a story long enough to guarantee you get the shirt so I don't have to finish reading it. I'll see if I can download it on audible.