1) What is Bro Science?

2) How do you afford your cars and lifestyle?

As of right now, Youtube! I feel incredibly blessed to wake up and do what I love each day, and to be able to fund my automotive passion!

3) What is the purpose of brosciencelife.com?

o unite the world's swoldiers, share muscle wisDOM, make gains, and pay my bills.

4) What are Reps?

Reps are a rewards system we’ve created for you within our community. By collecting them you are eligible to get many free rewards from our site every week! Things like Hats, T-Shirts, Stickers, and more!

5) How do I get Reps?

There are several places to get Reps::

a) Our YouTube videos: we give away Reps in almost every single one of our videos via codes.
b) In my social media like Instagram and Facebook.
c) Within brosciencelife.com! Every traditional “Like” you’ve come to love from every other website seemed a bit too “ordinary”, so instead what you get every time someone “likes” your picture, video, post, etc… within the site gives you Reps that go towards your overall score!

6) Why are there 2 types of Reps?

a) Weekly Reps: These are your points earned that week. We need to reset them every Sunday at midnight so we can keep a score of who did best that week within the site! We do weekly giveaways where we will announce the winners on Monday via e-mail and the website.

b) Life Time Reps: These are your total of points you’ve collected overall. After we reset the boards every week, these points will still be reflected on this number. Giveaways will happen once a month for these, but these prizes will be much bigger and better than the weekly ones!

7) What is a BRO membership?

A Bro Membership is your way of helping us to keep the show alive while earning a few perks like:

  1. Early access to new videos
  2. Exclusive content
  3. Permanent discounts on Dom Merch
  4. No ads on the website or videos
  5. Free wallpapers and other digital goodies
  6. A private section just for you and other Bro-Members where you will see my WORKOUTS
  7. Big giveaways, like Xboxs, GoBros and more!
  8. Secret perks and early access to events, videos, and more!

The Bro Memberships helps us keep the lights on for the show, so this is the least we can do for you for support the show, channel, and/or ourselves.

8) Where does my money go?

All of your money here goes into creating more content! We would like you to think about us as your very own filmmakers on retainer.

9) How can I cancel my BRO subscription?

In the Bro Members page you can view all information on your Bro membership including the date when you will be charged again, the status of your membership, credit card information, and a cancel membership button. Once you cancel your membership you will stop receiving the benefits Bro Members get once your membership period ends.

10) I have not gotten a reply from Bro Science. What messages usually get a reply?

We get a lot of messages all across the board, but specifically through the website. Through our website we mostly reply to people with business opportunities related to the Channel directly and nothing more.
No, this doesn’t mean we invest in businesses. We are referring to businesses calling us to go visit them and things along those lines.

11) How can I change my email from my account?

Please send us an email here info@brosciencelife.com and we will be happy to assist you with that.

12) What is my feed?

MY FEED is the main news feed that you’ll have on your dashboard at brosciencelife.com. The more people you follow within the site, the more content you’ll see. Think of it as your YouTube Subscriptions, or Instagram follows.

13) How can I get Bro Science to feature my post?

All you need to do is create amazing original content within the site that we find interesting.

14) Why should I follow other users?

To stay up to date with your favorite content creators within the site.